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Paldo Vina at the Vietnam – Korea food culture festival 2022

Dated 05/12/2022

The Vietnamese – Korean food culture festival is an annual cultural event that attracts the attention and participation of people of all ages. In particular, the 2022 festival is within the framework of a series of events to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Korea (1992-2022), thus bringing a very special festival season.

Within the framework of the Vietnam – Korea Food Culture Festival 2022 taking place from November 25 to 27, 2022 at Hoan Kiem pedestrian street, Hanoi, Paldo Vina has had many meaningful activities not only introducing Koreno noodle products but also contribute to promoting Korean culinary culture to Vietnamese consumers.

Paldo Vina booth at the Vietnam Korean Food Culture Festival 2022

Coming to this year’s fair, Paldo introduces to users Koreno noodle products and Pororo children’s drink. In particular, Koreno Chajang black soy sauce noodle product is very interested in because of its novel taste and economical price for a complete serving. This is a product not only suitable for young people who love Korean cuisine but also trusted by housewives to choose for their children.

Besides the display and product introduction activities, the Koreno brand of Paldo Vina also brought an extremely attractive contest “Sit cool and eat lots of Chajang bowls”. Accordingly, within 10 minutes, whoever can eat the most bowls of Chajang black soy sauce noodles will receive a cash prize of 10 million VND. The joy is multiplied when all players have participated and there will be gifts to take home.

The event attracted more than 200 registrations, OC selected and sent random invitations to 25 people, 250 packages of Koreno Chajang noodles were flipped within 1 hour and a lot of fun and interesting experiences. for participants.

Here are some pictures from the program:



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